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Wood Rot Repair

Rotting Sashes or Sills? No Problem.


Window Wood Rot Repair Greenwood

Wood Rot Restoration

If you are considering replacing your wooden windows, restoration and repair of wood rot could save you up to 70% instead of replacing with new wood windows. Wooden windows are aesthetically the more fitting choice for older architectural designs and are typically more repairable than vinyl.

The Window Pro Difference

With repairing wood rot affected windows, many other contractors prefer to take the easy and less expensive route by using epoxy or putty patches. Typically this is just a short term repair and rot will set in again in a matter of a few years. Window pro replaces the affected wood with a disease free poplar. For years to come your windows will remain as beautiful as new.

Window Restoration

Savings  The overall cost of repairing your wooden windows often is more than a 50% to 70% less than installing new windows. In addition, wooden windows tend to be more easily repairable should you encounter mechanical issues in the future.

Workmanship Warranty  Window Pro stands behind their work with a 2 year workmanship warranty to give you the peace of mind to know that your windows will look beautiful for years to come.

Tongue and Groove Corners  When restoring windows, rather than only gluing wooden rails, Window Pro uses a proven woodworking technique which interlocks the wooden pieces for a more rigid bond.  Although using tongue and grooved corners may take a longer to construct, experts consider this technique to be a permanent solution for rebuilding windows damaged by wood rot.

Sealed Wood  With a perfect seal on every window reconstruction, you can rest assure that your window will look beautiful for years to come.

Grade A Poplar  Window Pro uses disease free poplar when rebuilding your windows. Poplar is harvested from North American Aspen trees and is considered to be a very durable, warp resistant construction grade wood.

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