Fiber Cement Siding

James_Hardie Home w Fiber Cement SidingFiber Cement Installations

Window Pro is proud to use James Hardie products for fiber cement siding installations. Hundreds of Central Indiana residents have chosen Window Pro and James Hardie for their new siding needs.

What is Fiber Cement?

Fiber cement is typically composed of cement, sand and cellulose fiber.  The materials are bonded together during installation through   a steaming process called autoclaving.  Fiber cement siding offers the appearance of traditional wood-based siding materials with much lower maintenance requirements, while maintaining its shape and color much better than vinyl siding. Approximately 15 % of all new homes are now built with fiber cement siding.

Fiber Cement Siding Benefits:

Durable and Long Lasting: Fiber cement siding is impact resistant, moisture resistant when it is properly installed and generally lasts for decades. It doesn't flex with extreme temperature changes and unlike vinyl siding isn't noisy during high wind conditions.

Insect & Rot Resistant: Unlike cedar siding, fiber cement will not "rot" over time. In addition, you needn't worry about insects or pests as there are no edible materials for them to consume.

Stable: As the surface does not expand or contract, it makes a great base for paints to adhere to. Meaning you can expect to have to paint less frequently.

7" Fireproof:  Fiber cement has a class 1A flame spread rating. It is virtually fireproof.

Available Primed & Painted:  Rather than painting after the siding is installed, most opt for factory primed and painted as conditions are typically ideal in factory settings. This means that your siding will retain it's beauty for years to come.

Long Warranty:  As the industry leader, James Hardie stands behind their products and their fiber cement installations carry a 30 year limited warranty.

Highest Remodel Resale Value:  Many studies, including recently Remodeling magazine, indicate that of all of the different ways you can invest in upgrading your home, fiber cement siding adds the most value to your home should you sell.

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