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Window Replacement


What brands do you carry?

The brands we carry as a National organization are Vista Windows out of Ohio and Interstate Building Inc. out of Pennsylvania.  Both brands are recognized as industry leaders for both Efficiency and Durability with being awarded Energy Star’s Most Efficient.

What types of windows do you install?

The types of windows we choose to carry and install are our 100% reinforced uPVC Vinyl and full core composite windows.  We can install aluminum clad, but not recommended due to rotting issues homeowners are facing with the clad products.

What colors are available?

We have over 100 color combinations to accommodate even the most discriminating of buyers.

What are my alternatives to wood windows?

Window Pro is proud to announce the perfect alternative to wood windows with our Everlast Composite Wood Line.  Everlast is 100% rot free with over 100 color combinations and optional ponderosa pine real wood interior for staining or painting.

Do you offer triple pane windows?

Yes, we are considered to be America’s triple pane company.  With our national buying power, we have the ability to acquire triple pane windows for what most companies pay for double pane windows.

Does your windows meet Energy Star's Criteria?

Yes, not only do our windows meet Energy Star’s Criteria, but they exceed all energy efficiency numbers required by Energy Star to be named Energy Star’s Most Efficient.

What is the Warranty?

Our product warranty is a Lifetime Transferable warranty cover the frame material, glass breakage, seal failure and all moving parts.

How are your installers?

All of our technicians are AMAA Certified as well as Master Installation Certified.

Wood Rot Restoration


Do you use Epoxy?

NO!  That is a technique not recommended for any application as it is only a temporary solution for someone else to fix.

What is wood rot repair?

It is a very cost effective and permanent solution to repairing your old wood windows with out having to replace with a much more expensive new wood window.  We repair all brands, including the sashes and sills that may be rotted.

What causes Dry Rot?

“Dry rot” is a misleading term, since it gives the impression that the wood deteriorated in the absence of moisture. Some folks think that the heat of an attic can cause wood to suffer from this elusive “dry” rot. Sorry, there is no such thing as… DRY rot.

ALL wood decay is caused by one of a variety of wood-infesting fungi. That’s right… second cousins once removed to our bathroom nemesis, mildew! The fungus occurs naturally and becomes established within the fibers of the wood if, and only if the wood is damp for a long period of time. Around the home, the typical situations for breeding a healthy crop of wood rot fungus are leaks in roofs, water getting trapped between wood and concrete (such as behind poured concrete steps), wood siding that is too close to the ground, siding shaded by or in contact with overgrown greenery and wooden posts that have not been treated with a rot-resisting preservative.

The fungus is very resilient and can survive with little or no moisture for a long time… sometimes years… only to become activated again upon contact with water. Fortunately, the growth of the fungus ceases if its water supply is cut off. Once a roof leak is repaired, for example, the progression of the wood rot will stop. Unfortunately, the wood will not heal… the decay is permanent.

Now here is the sneaky part. If you were to take down a wall in the area of that OLD leak, what you might find is perfectly dry but rotten wood… soft and brittle as can be. Though your first reaction might be “Ugh! Look Harry… DRY ROT!”. In reality the rot occurred totally while the wood was wet.

When you perform wood rot restoration, do you paint afterwards?

Yes we can, but we prefer to leave that portion of the job to more experienced painters.  However, our wood products will be covered by a complex sealer and ready for painting.

Do you do the repairs all year round?

As long as the temperature is above 36 degrees, we can perform our services without any delays.  We do take extra precaution during colder months to protect the opening of the home with insulated blankets while we perform our service.

Do you replace glass?

Yes we can replace single pane, double pane or triple pane glass for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window.  We can replace all types of architectural shaped glass as well as standard units.

What other exterior repairs can you do?

We perform all exterior services for residential homes ranging from Roofing, siding, painting, decks and room additions.

Can you help with my insurance claim?

Yes we have experienced insurance claim specialists on our team, that can assist you through the entire insurance claim process.  Our team members will make the claims process a smooth transition to getting your home back to whole.

Are you properly insured?

Yes, we are a licensed, bonded and insured award winning local organization that takes pride in the workmanship and community as if we lived here, because we do.

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